GPS connection diagram with Navio2

Hi, can I get the GPS M8N connection diagram with Navio2 because in docs section MPU9250 and GPS both are given at same port. I put MPU9250 at given spi now how can I attach the GPS?

MPU9250 and GPS are connected to the same SPI port with different chip selects.
Could you please explain what do you mean by “put MPU9250” and “attach the GPS”?

I follwed the connection as shown in pinout. Individually mpu & barometer both are giving the output but when I tried to connect all sensor together with APM2 it is not working.
Thanks for your reply

Are you actually using Navio2 hardware?

I am not using navio2 hardware but I am using same sensors of Navio2 board. When i connect all the sensors according to pinout given , I am getting following error as attached in image below

But when I disconnect GPS TX pin from pin21 on rpi2 , it connects with APM2.

Sorry, but we can’t provide support for that. Pinout has all required information.

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