GPS antena connector

Hello Emlid, i suspect now of a bad connection on the gps conector, how can i fix it? I reflashed the SD card and after tweaking on the GPS cable i had a fast GPS lock, during my tests if i have a gps fail, i unpower it and power back on, play with the cable and i got GPS fix 3D. Let me know what i can do in this case. Thanks.

I have a similar problem on the original navio (not sure which board you have). I have found however that another gps antenna connects fine (identical but shorter cable), so perhaps try another antenna?

Mathew, i am sorry about the delay, ive tried a pixhawk 3DR gps through the uart and it worked perfect, i was very pleased with it, all my suspects now are toward the cable, conector or the antena itself, i dont have another MCX antena to try. Emlid is giving good support sending me a replacement. As soon as i have it, i will give a feedback. Looking forward on seenig my navio+ working as it should.

An update on the problem, Emlid has sent me a new antena, it worked perfect today, GPS lock really fast and the sky was overcast, it means that the antena is working perfect.

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