GPS and GLONASS signals for RTK Fix? RTKLIB

SNR mask = 35 dBHz

On the base station (bottom chart) why are only the GPS satellites used to get a fix but GLONASS signals are not, even though they meet or exceed the SNR mask?
The rover gets a little better signal, just not at that instance.

Are there any additional settings that could cause RTKNAVI to see the satellites but not use them to calculate a Fix?

Assuming I take the advice given here.
Using this Tallysman antenna:
And these settings:

Your rover does not seem to be receiving glonass, if they do, your will see the prefix “R” beside “G” in the top chart. I couldnt open the link, perhaps double check your antenna model if it is capable of receiving glonass signals?

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I knew I was missing something obvious.

I’ve got some NavSpark modules coming that should work.