GPIO pins in the servo pin rail


I’ve been through the docs about using servo rail GPIO

I don’t want to directly connect anything in these pins as I’m afraid I might fry it up. I know the top pin is signal and the 2nd one if +ve and last one -ve.

Just curious to see what/ how can I use these for? I’m used to using RPi GPIOs for sensors, etc. How can I use this in Navio2? Say I wanted to light a LED or connect a simple (HC-SR04) ultrasonic sensor, how would I be able to do it?

Thanks in advance

Hi @curiosityrover,

You can use the Navio2 servo rail as an ordinary GPIO. You’re not likely to burn anything if you follow the tutorial you’ve shared. LEDs and ultrasonic sensors could’ve connected to the Navio2 RCIO without any issues if you will follow the polarity and connection schemes.

Writing and reading values from the sensors and LEDs could be done via this tutorial.

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