GPIO extension header and ways to record gps data on pi?

Hi all, I’m a newbie in the area and I’m having the following questions:

  1. The GPIO extension headers I can find in the local electrical store are either too long or too short from mounting Navio+ on to my pi b+. I also searched online but couldn’t find the correct one. Could you guys give me a link to buy the right part?
  2. I’m wondering how I can store the location data onto the pi, any advice?
    Thank you sooooooo much!

I got my extension headers from Adafruit. They sell them in regular and extra tall as well as stacking and standard.

My research involves data collection from all onboard sensors which I store to a file when the gear switch is active. For the GPS data, I have a separate thread running the decodeMessages() function from the provided library and storing the position, velocity, and time data (NAV-PVT) to variables. These are then written the file when the gear switch goes low.

Thanks @larssoltmann, I actually bought the normal size one from adafruit last week but its ping wasn’t long enough. I’ll try the extra tall one this time. But it seems the correct length is between normal and extra tall…

I’m using the extra tall one for a board that goes between the Pi and NAVIO+ and the pins are also too long. I ended up taking a ruler and a sharpie and marking a line across the pins and using side cutters to remove ~0.125in off each pin. Then some filing to smooth the edges and everything stacks to the proper height.

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We get the headers that we include with each Navio+ here . They also have version with 10mm tails, they are definitely better than those from adafruit! Adafruit headers had very poor contact with socket when we have tested them.

Dear Lars,

I am very interested in your process. I would like to record flight data, like gps, magnetometer and IMU and combine this with measurements taken with external (i2c compatible) sensors.
I’m new to navio+ and raspberry pi, but I am a moderately experienced programmer (c#)
If you could help me get started, I would very much appreciate that.