Got my Navio2. Now what

Morning everyone.

I have not installed the Navio into my plane yet. I did notice that when I power the assembly via the power in on the RB PI that the LED on the Navio comes on and then switches off again. Do I have to power the Navio2 with the Navio power module?

A good start would be to read through the docs:
They got everything covered to get the Navio running.
You did only say you powered the RPi through microUSB. Do you have the SD-card ready? Everything configured?

Hello there!

That’s an expected behavior.

Sebastian is right. Please, read the docs.


SD card formatted and ISO burned using etcher.

Updated as per the docs.

I get this

That’s strange. Could you please run emlidtool?

What am i looking for George?

do i just do a sudo emlidtool ?

Yes. I want to eliminate hardware issues. You can also try launching ArduPilot and see if it works.

Let me re download and re write the ISO

Re installed and able to connect via udp :slight_smile:

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