GoPro Photo Hotshoe Style Logging

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone has had any luck logging the exact moment a GoPro photo was taken with the reach.

I have had great success in the past using a bigger Sony camera and a hot shoe adaptor, but I’d really like to minaturise the whole thing by using a GoPro.

I will use the built in 1 second time lapse function of the GoPro so no need for the reach to trigger each photo. It only needs to log the time.

Many thanks!

The one second timer might be a problem with SD card write times, but I think you can set up the GoPro for a longer interval.
I have successfully modified my DJI Phantom 4 to Reach timing sync chip to work with GoPro. Message me for details.

Very nice, I had wondered for a while if it was possible to log DJI events to reach. Unfortunately I can’t use DJI because of security issues.

Happy to explore if my timing circuit works for you…

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