Google Cardboard and gstreamer

Hi! i recently continued my quadcopter-project i had put on hold for quite a while, this time with hopefully more patience this time. So i read the navio+ docs and when i got to the video streaming section i thought that it would be cool if you would be able to split the gstreamer view on a phone to view it in a google cardboard! Do anyone have experiance in this field or is it uncharted territory? Is there an existing app for this?

hi Daniel,
yeah I think thats a r really interesting topic too! I’m not that far with my UAV but some time in the future I wanna use my samsung gear vr for that too;
i believe Trinus VR - a windows app - would be capable of transmitting a stream from your quad to your pc (windows) to your trinus vr app on your phone; although if you wanna use a gimbal and headtracking - I’m not sure if thats possible; but i never tested it!

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Hi Daniel,

I am also trying hard to use my Android to view my RPI2 camera with gstreamer.
Unfortunately AirPi doesnt work at all because if it would it would be perfect. They already developed it but has a lot of problems with RPI2 (cant enable my camera on their image) and my Android app crashes a lot on my Note 5.

Well i am trying to use Raspberry Camera Viewer testing to place two images side by side with pipelines. I feel.that i am close to accomplish it, hoppefully will do.
This is the link for playing with it.

Have fun and if you get news let me know!

If I read correctly, tower now has Google cardboard support. I don’t have one yet to try it out with, but it’s worth a shot. Though it may require you to have telemetry being sent to the app too.