GNSS Solution. Compute VRS with baseline up to 1000km and usage of 15min Rapid Static

Hello good afternoon to the community.
Thanks to the author for reopening this space to resume the thread of this great topic. My concern is that this procedure is also valid for surveys carried out with the stop and go method of many points, because the example carried out is with a fast static point.
Thanks for your attention.

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Hello @TB_RTK, thank you for the great information! I tried to use the software the last few days ago but I can’t download the *.n and *.o files anymore. So with RINEX 3.05 standard, you can only download MO and MN RINEX files from the BKG server. I converted the *.crx and *.rnx files with the RINEX converter and I can load the in the create VRS window in the GNSS solutions software. But I can put only a file for max. two stations in the window. When I try to import the third file, the software freezes. So just to make sure it is not file related, I changed the order during uploading and upladed a different station file. Now, the first one gets uploaded with no problems (where the software freezed before) and now the second file leads to software freeze (see pictures).

Have you experienced such problems before?
What could I do wrong?

Thats a really old one. Not sure I can help but I recall the software beeing very picky about the Rinex version and the formatting. Type Rinex 2.11 and the right RTKlib version to convert it