GNSS Select

Although only GPS and Glonnas satellites are selected in the “GNSS Select” section in Reach, I get NMEA sentences from Gelileo and BeIDou satellites in the Ntrip Client. I would appreciate it if you could help me with this.

Gnss select selects the NMEA sentences available to the serial port or network port.

RTCM3 selections are selected separately on the base tab to be sent to the NTRIP caster, GGA can be sent to the caster as well if using a caster that has VRS.

NTRIP client logs into an existing NTRIP Caster, to receive RTCM3 corrections.

You need one RS2/M2 for base position, and one RS2/M2 for rover position. Unless you have access to another NTRIP Caster.

Please show screenshots of issue.

I’m guessing Galileo and Beidou are in the GSV sentences, but not in the GSA sentence. Could you check that ?

GSV = satellites in view
GSA = satellites used in the position determination

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Hi @hvzcini,

I did a test to check how it works. As I see, if you disable Galileo and Beidou in GNSS Settings, you still get GSA sentences for them in the NMEA stream. But they won’t contain info about the satellites. At the same time, GCV sentences are not transmitted for disabled constellations.

Do you face any issues because of them?

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