GNSS select for M2

Dear all,

In M+ docs, there is a note about how we should select GNSS to avoid missing events in log files.

However, in M2 docs, there is no note about this so that mean we need to choose all GNSS as shown in the docs?

The M2 (like the RS2) can receive all constellations at the same time. And such, there is no real reason why to choose at the collection-time, unless you have older equipment down the line where it breaks compatibility.

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Hi @l3technologycambodia,

The single-band Reach M+ can’t get data from all constellations at the same time at the highest update rate. If several constellations are marked, we recommend setting a lower update rate not to overload the receiver.

As Christian noticed, the multi-band Reach M2 can track all constellations simultaneously. However, it’s not necessary to enable all of them at the same time. If you mark more constellations, it may help the receiver to get enough data for the fix calculation faster.


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