GNSS RS2 corse system

Dear friends hi to everybody. so I am from Georgia and my company get one of your GPS equipment L1/L2/L5 GNSS receiver RS2, so in our country we have our own net system. as we started to connect to this system we had problem. the problem is: we cant connect to this system without spatial parameters . as the technical guy explain from this company this parameter can be provide from you EMILD . so it is? And if it is can you help us ?

What parameter is required?

If it is like most CORS networks, I am assuming you need to enable the send GGA on the NTRIP setup tab.

that s may question from my side what should or what I should check or do what step i must do

Usually NTRIP just works, unless it is vendor-specific?

yes i agree but we try and its not working we have also GNSS stonex and we using NTRIP with it and its works but with REach no

In the Correction Input, do you see any input streaming in? Any error messages?

Grab a screen-shot if you can

Without having Reachview open in front of me, I think there is a check box on the NTRIP tab of Reachview that states “send GGA data to server” or something like that.

If the server is a VRS server, not a nearest tower, it utilizes your Lat/Lon for a position to establish the Virtual Reference Station (VRS). If it doesn’t have your location, it will not work.

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Hi Nodar,

May I ask you to clarify the coordinate system the NTRIP service uses? Have you tried enabling Send receiver’s position to the provider, as @jp-drain-sol suggested?

this is the screen shot o

You need to login with the credentials provided by the NTRIP-provider. Enter them in the Username/Password fields. That is reason of the 401-error code displayed.

i did but its does not works, it’s catching satellites but is not giving any data

Can you post another screenshot from the same menu where it shows getting data in?

It should look like this:

Maybe your stream is MSM3 that the RS2 doesn’t recognize.
I had the same problem with Topcon network.

Hi Nodar,

Do you know whether this Trimble VRS station provides correction in RTCM3 format? Please note that Reach RS2 needs at least RTCM3 messages with an antenna reference point and GPS observables.

thanks guy you are great I really respect your help I passed over this issue to my colleague :slight_smile: so if you ever come to Georgia you are invited to good vine from my side



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