GNSS-R and M2

Has anybody tried GNSS-R with the M2. Any suggestions on the settings?

If I understand the concept correctly, then you need something that can communicate with a GNSS-R satellite. No commercial terrestrial GNSS receiver is capable of that.

Ok semi related conspiracy theory time.


So you have record numbers of low earth orbit satellites streaming netflix, now if you were able to receive a few of these satellites plus the existing gps signals, and miraculously use those satellites as well for a cloud based base station correction service.

That would make your Tesla drive a whole lot straighter.

Do you think Starlink could also be used as a GPS 2.0?

I think, from my cursory knowledge of the principles, that they would not be suitable satellites if used like GNSS because the orbits are far too low, zooming past in the sky way too fast and too close on the horizon to create suitable stable geometry. I might be wrong but I’m assuming the farther orbits are more stable and easier to manage and calculate from. The uncertainty would also probably be higher since the radio baselines are much shorter.


Oh, you meant as a correction provider. In that case, sure, why not? It’s only an internet connection even when cellular data is not available.

I was meaning both, but you bring up some good points.

I think still even if just your corrections could be received from starlink it would be pretty sweet.

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