GNSS position solution analysis based on Reach RS2 measurements

Hi team Emlid!

Could you provide GNSS position solution analysis based on Reach RS2 measurements?
Most likely utilizing an NTRIP Service with some of the following Network-RTK methods: VRS, PRS, MAC, MAX, i-MAX or FKP.

I published this software last Friday, so maybe you could utilize it, when producing the analysis:

All the best,
The dev of the NLS GNSS SOFAMESA software

Do you already have a Reach device?

Hi Andrew,

No, we don’t have at the National Land Survey of Finland. I’ve known your company, but spotted this RS2 device yesterday. I’d be willing to see some GNSS position solution test results.
Would you be willing to send us one for testing purposes?
If so, you can contact me directly.

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If it’s OK for you, I can send you a log from Reach to analyze. What data format do you need?

Unfortunately, at the moment we don’t provide demo devices.
However, you can ask Topodrone - our dealer in Finland - if they can help you with the demo.

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I’ll send you an email, thanks. :slight_smile:

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