GNSS not working

Hello everybody. I connected the gnss antenna to the navio via the mcx port and attempted to run this file However, longitude and latitude are always zero no matter how long I wait. I was outside where there were no trees and only sky. In addition, the antenna was not obstructed at all.

Can you share your hardware setup photo, please?
Also, did you try connecting Navio2 to Mission Planner to check if you can see position data in it?

Yes I did connect via mission planner and nothing showed up. I was outside too and I tried moving the gnss antenna to other positions too and it didnt help

Is there a step that I missing? All I did was plug the gnss antenna in. Could the antenna be defective?

Please, double-check the MCX connection firstly.
Put an antenna above all the hardware parts. As I can see in the photo, it’s located underneath the drone.
Provide an antenna with a clear sky view and make one more test outside.

Let me know about the results :slightly_smiling_face:

I already did that. I placed in an open field and moved the gnss antenna. The coordinates are always 0

I fixed it. The gnss antenna was defective. I got a new one and used it. It now works


Hi @Lucullus,

May I ask you to clarify where you bought the new antenna?
The one that didn’t work was the original antenna that came with the Navio2 board?

The original antenna came with the navio2. I had to buy a second navio2 when the first navio2 broke so the second antenna came from the second package.

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Please drop us an email on, we will arrange you another GNSS antenna instead of faulty one.

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