GNSS not working


Hello everybody. I connected the gnss antenna to the navio via the mcx port and attempted to run this file However, longitude and latitude are always zero no matter how long I wait. I was outside where there were no trees and only sky. In addition, the antenna was not obstructed at all.

(Andrew Yushkevich) #3

Can you share your hardware setup photo, please?
Also, did you try connecting Navio2 to Mission Planner to check if you can see position data in it?


Yes I did connect via mission planner and nothing showed up. I was outside too and I tried moving the gnss antenna to other positions too and it didnt help


Is there a step that I missing? All I did was plug the gnss antenna in. Could the antenna be defective?

(Andrew Yushkevich) #6

Please, double-check the MCX connection firstly.
Put an antenna above all the hardware parts. As I can see in the photo, it’s located underneath the drone.
Provide an antenna with a clear sky view and make one more test outside.

Let me know about the results :slightly_smiling_face: