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Hy Guys

I have an “old” reach and I would like to use for field survey

This antenna is ok ?



Hi @Francesco_sisani,

This is the L1/L2 antenna. Even if it works with Reach, it’ll provide only L1 observations, as Reach is the L1 receiver.
However, we don’t recommend using this antenna as we didn’t test it with Reach and can’t guarantee it works.

Why don’t you want to use the Tallysman GNSS antenna?


how can connect to survey pole ?

I need to collect points in Stop&go



If I knew of a suitable antenna and ground plane combo with 5/8" thread, I would suggest it to you, but I don’t. Maybe someone else here knows of one.

But your Reach module is really for DIY integration. You are supposed to make the mount yourself. You could also hire a metal fabricator to create a circular ground plane with 5/8" threaded mount. Then place your Tallysman antenna on that and attach to your survey pole.

If you don’t have the antenna from Emlid, then you could also look at one like Tallysman TW3710 and see if you could make it work instead.

Hi @Francesco_sisani,

May I ask you to clarify your question?

In the meantime, Reach doesn’t support Stop and Go.
Could you please tell more about your application? You also can use the Survey tool to collect points in RTK.

Hy Tatiana

yes stop&go means collect points in rtk (very nice tool !!)



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