GNSS antenna for Base station

Hy guys

I would like to create my own base station on the roof using this antenna

is it ok ?

Can you suggest the adaptor to connect with my reach ?



We are using Tallysman antennas on our roof, I have no idea about performancce of Garmin antennas, but they are not meant for precision applications.

How long will be the cable running to your roof?

Look into:

I know your antenna but the cost of your seggested antenn is double of Grarmin… sorry but the price it’s impotant for me …



In that case you can make your own mount and ground plane for TW4721 that came with Reach. I doubt that you will be able to get good performance with Garmin antenna.


in case I want to but the tallysman I have to buy some cable adapter or is ready to use with my reach ?


Reach has MCX connector, tallysman antennas usually come with TNC (but check the part number). You will need a MCX to TNC cable with proper length. We offer a cable like this, but only 2 meters:

one more questrion

I have 24 h of static observation how can calculate the average lat long of my base station with rtklib ?



Static or Singel base? do you have other data to process with base?
If not you just enable statistics in RTKplot and use base raw/rinex as solution. Stats displays AVG, STD and RMS from origin

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I acquired the data in static mode contiunuos and I have rinex observation from refernce station away +o- 8 km from me but the rinex are 1 file for each our so I don’t know if rtklib can process 20 separeted file and ouput the average valur



Sure thing. Use base files and place them in the rover colum in RTKpost and refrencefile in base colum.
Place all rinex refrence files in one folder and point RTKpost path to this folder and ad wildcard (*) in front of the filetype.
For example your refrence files is named “refrencefile.ubx” , then you will use " *.ubx" instead. This will make RTKpost read all files of .UBX type or any other type you choose.

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I know but the problem is that at the end I would like to receive from postprocessing a unique value that represent the oordinates of my antenna instead a receive a log with one coordinate for every sec of observations



Are these seperate point within the same log or seperate points from different logs?

One log with separate point … I know that I can use excel to calculate average but I suppose RTKLIB has more powerful alghoritm i hope

attached the result (282.2 KB)

I am pretty sure this is what you are looking for… ?

But be aware ,RTKplot takes into account the entire log (float, singel and fix) You need to sort out any data that is not going to be used is the output statistic

Edit: Its not your file, its from a different location

Use the ? wildcard in RTKproc
For each character that is different in the filenames just insert a ? then RTKlib will read them all


Will all be read together by:


Once processed you will have one big file full of all valid fixes.

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