Glonass in 2022

just a theorettical though in the current times we`re living: do you think rusia may “jam” their glonass signal? if yes, what can we do? just turn off the glonass constellations on emlid devices?


Hi Diego,

I’m not sure if this is easy to do technically. But, in any case, you can disable GLONASS on Reach devices.

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We have had considerable trouble with GLONASS for the last 2 years in our region. It has often been the cause of the inability to achieve and RTK fix and has been turned off when performing PPK more often than it has been used. Basically we are limited to GPS and Galileo but we are getting really good results. So it is what it is. If Elon Musk would devise some positioning on his satellites, we’d probably be down to millimeter level accuracy.

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