GLONASS Corrections dropping in and out

I just update my RS units to 2.7.4 and I’m having a hell of time getting a fix with setting that worked fine before. I’m noticing that the Corrections for the GLONASS Sats are dropping in and out wildly. about every 3 - 5 seconds. then it quits for a while but then it comes back. How do i fix this?

Im running at 4.56 kb/s on the LoRa Radio with the opservation data at 1Hz.

Hi Brian,

Which RTCM3 messages are you sending? Could you please post a screenshot with your base settings? 4.56kb/s is quite low baud, the radio is likely chocking if you have multiple messages selected.


Here’s a screen shot. I found that I was able to clean up the drop out but not completely buy using 8dbi antennas vs the stock units!

Also I included screen shots from a track that I made with the two antennas. You can see the loss of a fix is frequent when using the stock ones.

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I thought I uploaded that one two. I believe it’s showing up as a link

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FWIW, I’m also seeing the same problem with Glonass dropping out for a few seconds. Using stock antennas, maximum data rate, 1002 GHz frequency, v 2.7.4. Not seeing big shifts in position, but it is a bit disconcerting.

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