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I have a short question, i’ve tried to evaluate to evaluate the best workflow for gnss measurements in forestry with Emlid Reach RS+ .
I’ve tried this over months and now I’m finished with pretty good results, but there is a big question left and so I hope that you can give me an answer!

Why I can not log GLONASS and BeiDou at the same time? With other GNSS - Receiver that’s no problem!
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The RS+ is not able to receive both GLO and BEI at the same time, however the new RS2 is able to do this.
As far as I understand, it down to capability of the deep-down GNSS receiver.

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Hi @maxsommer94,

This is a hardware limitation of the internal GNSS module.

Did you look to see the cost of those “other” receivers?

“Luckily” Emlid just released the RS2 for under $2000. Otherwise you might be paying at least $5000 for just (1) of those “other” receivers. The RS+ is “only” about $800…
and that’s a “deal” for what it does. Deals come with trade-offs sometimes.

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