Glonass ar mode still not stable on the latest non dev release

Gps 1 hertz
Glonass 1 hertz
Galileo 1 hertz
Sbas 1 hertz
Qzss 1 hertz
Update rate 5 hertz
Location southeast asia
Works great with glonass ar off.
Hoping not to eliminate glonass ar option on the next non dev release.thanks

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Hi Mark,

Could you share Solution logs from the tests in which you experienced difficulties in getting fix with Glonass AR On?

Thanks for the reply. Actually i am not logging. Its just the ambiguity resolution drops below 3 after about 15 mins of getting a high ar compared to the settings were the glonass ar is off and it also makes hard for me to get a fix after ar drops on the reachview app.Im using mobile topographer pro to just download the coordinates. With glonass ar off it really works great and fix come back really fast after loosing the fix status. I never try logging the data on the rover but ill make one on my next field survey and ill send it to you. Willing to help fix this glonass ar thing cause its much lighter than the beidous.


Hi @mark.lopez1017,

Looking forward to seeing your test raw logs to find the cause of the problem.

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