Glonass and Beidou on RS+

Hello everybody,
I tried to activate the chinese BEIDOU gnss system on my RS+. I have noticed this is only possible when deactivating the GLONASS system. Is this a common restriction to the RS+ or is it possible to use both of these gnss systems side by side? Thank you for your suggestions!

Can only use 1 or the other, not at the same time. Depending on your region, time, and amount of available satellites, 1 can have better results than the other.


Hi Bernhard,

I agree with Tim. This is a hardware limitation of the single-band GNSS module. So you can only have either GLONASS or BeiDou.


Thank you for your quick response.
The question popped up, because the German gnss correction provider SAPOS has established an mountpoint with corrections for the BEIDOU System . All worked fine with my RS2. By trying the same on my RS+ I run in this “problem”.


Oh, I see. I think you can follow Tim’s advice: test it with GLONASS and BeiDou, and leave the one that gives you the best results.