Global CS with EGM 96

I just update my Reachview 3 and learned about the creation of the Global CS coordinate system selection. Prior to the update I normally operated in WGS 84 with EGM 96 Vertical.
With the Global CS system I am unable to select any vertical system except Ellipsoidal Height, is there anyway to use the Global CS with EGM 96?

Hi @raven15363,

There is a solution.

You can work with the corresponding UTM zone based on WGS84 instead of Global CS. With this coordinate system, you’ll be able to choose EGM96.

The output CSV will have two sets of coordinates:

  1. Easting, Northing in UTM, and EGM96 geoid height
  2. Latitude, Longitude, and ellipsoidal height on WGS84

If you have some additional questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

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