Global Coordinates - Ellipsoid is in feet

When we collect points in a local coordinate system (NAD83/NAVD88) it is very nice for the global coordinates to be collected at the same time (LAT/LON/ELLIP). But one thing that is cumbersome is that the Ellipsoidal height is shown in the local units (feet). So we are constantly having to do a manual calculation to get back to meters. This leaves room for errors.

Is there anyway to select Meters over feet for Ellipsoidal height?

I have never recalled seeing Ellipsoid referred to feet. It’s always Meters except here.

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Hi Jared,

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When creating a project, you can select your project’s units from the Linear units section. If you select Meter, your ellipsoidal height will be measured and displayed in meters in both local and global coordinates.

Yes, but I would like to see ortho height in feet and ellipsoid height in meters. Two different units.

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For now, it’s not possible because the app shows both types of elevation values in the project’s linear unit. But I see your point about why this feature would be useful. I’ll pass it on to the team for further discussion.