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The RTKLIB and Reach project of emlid in GitHub accept contributions ?

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You could try to fork and do pull requests to

Tys @Amilcar_Lucas, I have a plan to contribute with the RTKLIB in emlid/RTKLIB, already created a PR as test to see if they are accepting.


We definitely accept contributions to our fork of RTKLIB, as well as make our changes available in the public repo!

Awesome !, tys @igor.vereninov

Merged, thanks!

Where is the ERB protocol processed ?
I’ll do some patches for that, if you tell me where to get the source :slight_smile:

All ERB-related code is in a separate file src/erb.c. Looking forward to your contributions!

I think that emlid need a gitter channel to talk about reach code, it’s necessary more contribution to pass the C to C++/QT.
ps: New PR in github.

@egor.fedorov thanks for the pointer. In the past I looked at it but could not find anything. But now thanks to your directions I looked more carefully and found the “reach” branch :joy: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So is done. I did not compile it. But it should work

So … here is a second one:

@egor.fedorov and @igor.vereninov any update in PR comments would be very util.

I Need PR #20 merged and released ASAP. Our company is loosing money day-by-day because of this.
And I am the responsable because I choose Emlid instead of more expensive, working solutions.

My boss asks me on a dailly basis if RTK is working …

PLEASE release it !!!

@Amilcar_Lucas We appreciate your active position about adding the fields in the protocol, but merging your PR will break integration with Ardupilot for all users. Changes have to be done to Ardupilot ERB parser and to Mission Planner in order to actually show these values. Just adding them in the protocol will not change how the device works.

What is your final goal here?

Hello @igor.vereninov

I need PR #20 merged, and that one does not have side effects, it just fixes the protocol.

You are talking about PR #21 and if I got it rigth, it will not break the Ardupiilot integration because those extra fields should be ignored by the code.
Anyway I will fix the Ardupilot code and add support for both versions (I’m on the Ardupilot development team)

#PLEASE merge #20 ASAP.

Pr #21 we can do next week.

Even if we merge it, we do not plan a new ReachView/RTKLIB release immediately after this. What is the hurry?

We are loosing money because we can not operate without millisecond resolution UTC, correlated timestamps.
We bought Emlid because your ERB protocol had that.

Can you do a new release today and just give it to me ?

The ms fix is out as v2.5.2.