Gimbal Control Question


I was wondering if the Navio2 is capable of controlling a gimbal? (2-axis)

If so, where could I find some documentation to help me get it set up?

Ideally I would like to control the Gimbal via MAVROS commands.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

Sure it can! 1-axis, 2-axis, 3-axis, you name it!

But we’ll need a little more info about what gimbals are you intending to use. Take a look at these entries in ArduPilot documention. For example, Storm32 gimbals can be coltrolled over Mavlink.

Great to hear!

I am currently using the alexmos / Basecam simpleBGC 32 bit controller.

With these brushless motors:

I would imagine if Storm32 gimbals can be controlled than so can these hopefully.

The documentation you linked provides a good description of how to setup the software but i imagine the hardware instructions would be different - as in which PWM pins would i plug in the gimbal controller to? If I choose the pins, do the pin numbers in Mission Planner match the pins on the Navio2?

Lastly, would it be difficult to create a MAVROS node that controls the camera gimbal? My goal is to publish to this node over the telemetry module from my GCS (using matlab) to make the camera move.

Thanks for the help!

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