Ghost 450 Build

This is a Diatone Ghost 450 build which I’m working on, first to help others with detailed information on a variant of the Emlid reference 450 build, but also as a development platform for extended sensor and operating system support.

I’ve got tons of high resolution photos made step-by-step ready to organize and write-up. So watch this space…

Besides the cool LEDs this frame is arranged to maximize the inner compartment area. I have a set of helicopter skids and have positioned all electronics so the entire middle and front bay are open for additional sensors and FPV equipment when needed.

So this build should also be an example of maximum space efficiency for this particular frame and Navio. Even without the skids (when the battery is consuming the main payload area) I feel it is also a very well balanced/optimized build which should produce good flight characteristics.

More details coming soon, this is just a teaser :wink: