GGA Message issue Network Rover Issue

I can no longer connect to NTRIP as the mount points are showing up 8618 KM away, which is also the distance I am from 0,0.

I think the issue is with the GGA message being sent to the NTRIP server. Can anyone help me. Right now I can not use the unit as a network rover. (537.3 KB) (380.1 KB) (16.0 KB) (2.5 MB)

Hi Aaron,

I see in your Full System report that the unit is sending the GGA position to the base while connected over NTRIP, so I don’t think the GGA message is the case.

It sounds unusual. Seeing the screenshots on how it behaves exactly would help.

I also noticed that you work with VRS mount point, so I wouldn’t exclude the possibility something went wrong on the calculations from their side.

Hello Tatiana,

I will work on getting screen shots, its pretty simple, I enter the NTRIP information, I have tried both single base, and VRS, then it says waiting for corrections and when I look at the calculated position is shows all bases 8618 KM away. The NTRIP provider has verified that no other users are experiencing this issue.


I would also like to point out that this issue was not present until the last update to RV3. So I think it is a bug in the update.


The last time I was able to connect to the NTRIP service here in Vermont, USA was 5/26/2021 at 10:04am.

Hi Aaron,

ReachView 3 can hardly affect the RTK algorithm calculations, but maybe there is a glitch or something like that. What does happen if you try to establish the connection with NTRIP via Reach Panel? You can open it by tapping the name of your device in ReachView 3.

Also, do you have the RTCM3 base corrections log recorded during the test? It helps me to check which position the VRS provides.

I’d shut the unit down and let it stabilize for about 5 min. then access the app. Sounds like an erroneous position being sent to the RTN service

Hello It used to work before update 26. Did something change? I am in vermont. Is there something with this coordinate system in the new update? I have got zero help with this. I have not been able to connect since around 5/26/2021.

This clip is from the Network:

" Downloadable Data

The data from these stations are made freely available to users and are downloadable from this web site.
These receivers collect data from the GPS, GLONASS, and GALILEO satellites - see the mountpoint table at Vermont Real-Time for specific details. Data files for these stations are available in Trimble’s DAT, TGD, T01, and T02 formats as well as in the Receiver INdependent EXchange Formats (RINEX) versions 2.10, 2.11, and 3.02. Data for the CORS stations is collected at 1-second epoch intervals, and can be retrieved in various epoch intervals ranging from 1 to 60 seconds." (

Since I was using a VRS there are no base recordings. I did grab a near by mount (189.7 KB)

This is what my session record says from VTRANS:

Vermont Land Integrity vtseptic 5/26/2021 9:08:20 AM 5/26/2021 10:04:02 AM VRS_RTCM3 3342 3314
Vermont Land Integrity vtseptic 8/10/2021 4:28:42 PM 8/10/2021 4:28:43 PM RefData_Cors 5400 5400

The login dated 8/10/2021 was for the data you requested “”

I have not been able to connect to the network since 5/26/2021…

Hello See new post below. Also all files are attached above.

Hi Aaron,

Thanks for the logs from the NTRIP station, this helps us to see what data is being sent.

Have you had a chance to check the connection via Reach Panel? What type of error do you get? As Tatiana mentioned previously, you can open it by tapping the name of your device in ReachView 3.

Still, the RTCM3 base log recorded on your rover is most helpful. This log shows whether there is any info received from the base and if it was sent correctly. So please share it with us.

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