Getting Started

Jim, TB_RTK & bide, Thank you very much for your guidance and your patience. I think the pairing is complete. Is there anything else I need to do?

Pairing of REACH RS Base with iPhone.
Try outside the house in the park.

  1. Off iPhone wifi and hotspot.
  2. Power on Reach RS Base,
  3. iPhone wifi (in Settings) to select Reach RS as hotspot, reach:99:12,
  4. iPhone browser, type reach.local, enter.
  5. EMLID Status window is accessed. Check the signal to noise ratio. Red bars means not enough, green is enough. Takes quite a while to access the satellite signals (12 of them).
    Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3

Screenshot 4: Took about 10 minutes.

Then map will be uploaded slowly. The black circle will wander around plotting the probable locations.
Screenshot 5:

The black circle keep on wandering round. When do we know it is the final location?

Can I conclude that the pairing of the iPhone/Laptop and the 2 REACH RS is complete?

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