Getting started with ROS/Running mavros node

Hallo everyone i followed the ROS starting guide :

And all went relativly well until i got to “Running mavros node”.

I tryed to enter the command:
pi@navio: ~ $ rosrun mavros mavros_node

were i found my first Problem - “” is supposed to be the ip and port of the GCS computer, but is that my normal wifi ip ?
Because that wouldnt make much sense iam connected via a 433MHz 3DR Telemetry antenna to my Drone not via wifi. In fact the drone and the Computer are even connected to different Wifis.

Regardless if i ignore my doudts and just try to enter the wifi adress of my Computer with the GCS-Software i get:

[rosrun] Couldnt find executable named mavro_node below /opt/ros/indigo/share/mavros

Does anyone have a clue to make it work? Do i need a wifi telemetry connection to the drone or something? Or does this error mean something completly different?

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