Getting started with Navio+/Navio2

Welcome, folks! We are happy to see you in this thread and really expecting to see Navio+/Navio2 onboard of your drone very soon! To provide pleasant start of working with the devices Emlid team has developed detailed documentation for Navio+ and for Navio2. That is why before asking something we kindly recommend you to look through docs and existing threads to avoid duplication. Forum search is amazing.

Getting started category covers basic questions concerning usage of Navio+/Navio2. Related topics may include: writing SD card, configuring Wi-Fi network, accessing the device, running ArduPilot, connecting to GCS, etc.

Before submitting question, please check the docs once again and ArduPilot Wiki. Make sure that you are running the image provided by Emlid (Default Raspbian won’t work).
While creating a new topic pay attention to its title, it may be like “Navio not connecting to Wi-Fi network”. Collocations like “HELP ME” should be excluded from title.

Finally, it is necessary to provide following information to get help:

  • Image and ArduPilot version.
  • Detailed problem description. How is expected behavior differ from the observed one?
  • Your step by step actions.
  • Picture of the setup and connection scheme.
  • If using any additional hardware please provide exact make and model.

Remember: the more information you provide right away the higher is the chance to get quick solution.