Getting positioning out, without ReachView APP

Hi colleagues,
I would like to know if will be possible to get the position from the Reach device, without opening the web APP. I suppose that I will have to configure a solution output as server instead of a file… or something like that…

Any tip??

I would like to get it at real-time for example, to show the position in a map

@rep Sure this is possible. You simply output the solution in desirable format (LLH, NMEA) on a tcp port (or serial, or bluetooth) and then open it with your software.


I do another ‘trick’:

The rover gets its RTCM messages via the UART receive line from a 3DR radio, … but the transmit line is unused. Thats what I do: Using the UART transmit line and sending solution messages via a FTDI (TTL to USB) device to my PC. The speed should not be altered, that means, use the speed from the receive line.
So you can get NMEA or llh or whatever possible for any GPS-Software via USB.