Getting parameters from Edge after reloading Qgroundcontrol


I flew my Edge controlled copter today.
After booting up my laptop, qgroundcontrol connected to the Edge without a problem, but it had no map data. I connected the laptops built in wifi to my phone, but qgroundcontrol did not load the maps. I closed and opened qgroundcontrol, it had all the maps, but complained about the Edge not responding to the parameters request. The live telemetry was working, but the rest of qgroundcontrol looked like no flightcontroller was connected. I tried to manually disconnect and connect, both the telemetry connection of qgroundcontrol and the wifi connection, but I had to power cycle the Edge to get the parameters again. The Edge is updated to the latest firmware version.


Can’t reproduce this (on Linux and Windows). If I connect laptop’s built in wifi to my phone QGC starts loading maps after some time. What OS do you use? What is the version of QGC for Edge?

It’s strange. Seems like GCS sent commands to wrong target. Sometimes this can be result of connection more then one GCS to one vehicle or connection problems. Do you have standard Comm Links settings like in docs?

I just had this again yesterday. I waited 3 or 4 minutes, but QGC did not load the map after connecting to the phone hotspot. After closing and opening QGC, I also had the missing parameter response again.
I use the latest QGC for Edge with only one comm link configured, just like in the docs.
QGC is running on my laptop which is running latest Windows 10 Pro.

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