Getting obs from .crx or .rnx files (EUREF)?


How can I get .obs file from EUREF ( All I can download is a .crx file. I cannot find how to convert it.
I found the same station here : , where I found .rnx files. I tried to convert into .obs with RTKconv but I only get the .nav file.


.crx ->
.rnx -> just rename the extension to .obs or use as is. It is already plain-text rinex.

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Hi Elise,

Agree with Christian. I just want to provide some tips on it.

You can use the CRX2RNX utility on Windows as follows:

  1. Make sure the file isn’t zipped
  2. Place crx2rnx.exe in the folder with the file
  3. Open a command line in this folder
  4. Use this command to convert the file:

crx2rnx [filename]

The *.XXo file should be created in the same directory.

RTKLib should work fine with files in .rnx format. If the file isn’t shown in the list when you try to upload it, please choose the All file format instead of RINEX OBS.

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