Getting fix with NTRIP corrections

emlid reach rs+ fw v2.22.3
working ntrip settings for sapos bayern / germany
your username
your pw
activated “send NMEA GGA messages”
status green text: connected to

under the status page you now should get immediatly grey bars for base gps and base number change from 0 to fe 17
and you should get immediatly solution status “float” instead of single
with a AR validation ratio of 3.1 and higher you should get a solutions status of fixed instead of float -

Hi Michael,

May I ask you to clarify what’s the issue with your NTRIP connection? Do you experience difficulties with getting a fixed solution?

Hi Tatiana,

my message was only a hint which settings could work in germany (bayern) so why did you split my message from the original thread?

but as you just ask me: sometimes it works sometimes i do net get a fixed solutions it stays with float for several hours…
when i could wish something: more images in the tutorials and more working examples could help to setup the system right… especially most videos from emlid are too theoretically…

Hi Michael,

Sorry, the original discussion was so old so I thought you may have a similar issue :slightly_smiling_face:

If you share with us the data recorded when you have difficulties with getting a fix (raw data, position log, base correction log), we may help you to improve the results.

Thank you for your feedback! We’ll take it into account while making new content and improving the docs.

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