Getting error when trying to export CSV - Reach Panel is a single-page application

I did a survey yesterday using the Reachview panel (not RV3). I am getting an error when trying to export the CSV file. Oops, an error has occurred. Reach Panel is a single-page application.

I have never seen this error. I installed 27 Beta 2 this morning as I was going to see if that would fix some problems I had yesterday with Beta 1.


Hi Tim,

Thanks for noticing! We could reproduce this issue with Reach Panel and are working on a fix. I’ll write back once there is any news.

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Thanks Kseniia!
I needed this asap so I manually keyed all the data into a CSV file so that I could PPK the survey. The log files exports fine.

I am going to go back to the latest stable version. Using Android for 27 Beta 1 and Beta 2, the collection of points is messed up. There is no timer and the collection reset reset even though I did not specify any rules (ie fixed, float or single). I simply wanted to capture the points 10 minutes each. Unfortunately the timer for averaging option only goes up to 5 minutes. I wanted 10 minutes for PPK processing. It would be nice to just enter the time desired instead of being constrained to a drop down.

But for now, I will just go back to the stable version. Thanks for the quick response on this issue.


Hi Tim,

I didn’t meet any requests about issues with point collection on 27 Beta, so it sounds unusual. Please elaborate on whether you collected points with the Reach Panel or ReachView 3 app. Also, please specify what do you mean by the lack of the timer.

It would be nice to just enter the time desired instead of being constrained to a drop down.

Thanks for the request! We’ll think about it.

See the screenshot using Android in Reachview 3. There is no timer that shows how long you have been collecting, etc.

Hi Tim,

From your screenshot, I see that you turned off the Averaging time in the app. Averaging works exactly like a timer and shows the recording process. When it’s turned off, the point is collected instantly.

To start the timer, select Averaging time for the point and press the Measure button as shown on the gif:

Correct, but the max time was for only 5 minutes. Are there any plans to increase the time limit in the menu? Thanks for getting back to me.

Hi Tim,

Would you mind describing your use case? We usually suggest collecting a point for 40 seconds in a Fix. In which cases do you need more than 5 minutes?

Hi Tim,

I’m coming back to you with the news. We’ve just released stable 27 Reach Firmware. In this version, the issue with exporting projects has been fixed. It’d be great if you could test it out and share your results with us. You can find the whole list of fixes in this thread on our community forum.