Getting Correction from Leica Devices


I’m using a Reach RS+ as a mobile station and i was wondering if it possible to get real time correction from a base station like Leica system 1200 ?

In advance, thank you for your answer

Yes, if you broadcast the correction over NTRIP from the Leica station

Ok, do you know how I can configure the leica station ? It is an old one.Does it mean that the leica station should be connected to internet ? If yes, I(m not sure that our station can do this


You can try connecting Leica and Reach via the Internet (TCP, NTRIP) or external radio modules (ex. UHF, 3DR, RFD900).
Please, note that corrections should be in RTCM3 or in one of the following formats.

How would you use these with an RS+?

external radio module on the leica station or for the RS+ ?

You would purchase an RS+ cable (any of the 3 types) and connect it to your radio. You would be using RS232 communication between RS+ and your external radio.

I haven’t tried it, but you may be able to use a USB radio (and a USB OTG cable) as well. YMMV though.

Well, there must be a transmitter and a receiver and they must be compatible, so normally that means purchasing a pair of radios; one for each end. If the Leica already has a built-in radio, then it is possible an single external radio could be purchased and connected to RS+.


Ok, so I can’t connect the reach without an external device

Correct. You need some external devices to make it work. Either a set of compatible radios; or Internet at both ends.


I use the XDL Rover as a UHF receiver. It has its own internal battery, works well and can be mounted to the survey pole. I have a few extra i will need to sell off soon.


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