Getting base station coordinates


I have some trouble getting the exact coordinates of the base station. I’ve read the docs page a couple of times now, and when i’m setting up my ‘base’ reach following the steps in the guide i dont get a fixed solution. The base station is set up on the top of my building like this:

I’ve put the reach module in rover mode on single in the online interface i get at least 7 satalites above the 45 line. But when i post process it with the closest reference station (TIT2 about 100km away) I don’t get a fixed solution. It sould get Q1 or Q2 but for some reason i don’t get anything better than Q5 all the time. I added all the files in the as a link below. Hopefully someone can help me.

Yours sincerly,

Joep Brauer

Hi Joep,

Time intervals of observations of base and rover are not overlapping, also base observations are 1 hour only.

Hi Igor,

Thanks for your anwer. If i understand you correctly i have to get a sample of the reference station which falls in the timeframe of the ‘rover’ so between 12.00 and 20.00 hour then i should get correct data right?

Yes, it is compulsory that rover and base have observations over same period of time. There is also no benefit in making rover log so long if base file is for one hour only, as you will only get single (Q=5) solutions for the rest of the log.

Hi Igor,

Then i get it. When reading the Docs page it was not clear for me that it is not possible tot download more than one hour o freference data. I’m running a new test now, hopefully it will work. Thanks for your help!