Getting APM software version on Navio 2

Good day Team

Happy new year Emlid team…
Could you provide what is the useful command to get the APM version under Linux console?, I ask for due couple minutes ago I made and upgrade of the Navio2-RPi3 system using sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade but when I connect to MP the APM copter shown is 3.4.


Are you trying to update to Beta v3? If yes, then it won’t work that way with Beta - you need to flash the SD card with the new image.

Hi @mikhail.avkhimenia… I want to update to 3.4.4-rc1… so if I understood well I have to reflash the SD card… haven’t you?..Any way could you provide as well what is the command to verify the apm version on linux console?? Thanks

@Grek checking version with MP is a correct way. We are preparing the new image with updated AC version, it will have to be reflashed, yes. Currently, you can manually download and install the new version without reflashing as described here.