Getting 100% float

I tried to geotag drone data with CORS base data. I used each and every combination of the settings and the issue is i’m getting 100% float instead of fix.
I tried changing Elevation mask, SNR value, Satellites, and Integer ambiguity resolution.
I got only less than 6% float when I select SNR value to 45 and Elevation mask to 5.
I’ve played around the settings like 100 times. but no improvement.
It would be great if you could help.
Thanks and regards.

Can you post your raw-data for further analysis?
You can use something like WeTransfer for providing a download link.

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You can download the data here.
I came to know that my CORS base station is far away from my site(35KM). It could be an issue. But I got some correction in the XY after geotagging. I want to know weather it’s accurate or not. what are the ways to assess the accuracy of PPK correction with CORS network and my drone RTK data?

Hi there,

Just want to update here that we were in touch with Venkatesh regarding this issue over email. If you face anything similar, do not hesitate to create a new thread or write us to