Get data from log files

Hello Emlid Team !

Is there a way to get the coordinates I see on rtkplot in an .txt file where I can see latitude longitude and height vs time ?

I try to check on each log file but didn’t find those data.

Thanks !

You are looking for the Positioning Solution file. You must create it by post-processing your raw log files with RTKPOST.exe, or just enable it in ReachView while in Rover mode:

  • under Solution 1 output path choose file
  • under Solution 1 output format choose llh

The format of the file is described in the RTKLIB docs on page 103 of this PDF file:

  • Appendix B File Formats
  • B.1 Positioning Solution file

A positioning solution file is just a text file as output of RTKNAVI or RTKPOST. he file is separated to records or lines by CR/LF. Each records consists of fields. The following table shows the format of the positioning solution file.

It contains these fields:

  • Time
  • Receiver Position (Long/Lat/Height)
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Thanks for the hint. Was super-useful !