Geotagging using Navio2

I have a Navio 2

I would like to access the ardupilot AHRS to get global position and use that to geotag my photos. There is instruction here on how to access the GPS:
But that is not what i want. I want the EKF solution for more accurate labeling.

I think i will try running a python script using pymavlink on the RPI4 to get this information from the ardupilot.

I also have a camera that i can trigger with a 5V output. Combining the camera trigger and the EKF position i should be able to get a good location fix.

I would appreciate any advice on how to do geotagging using the Navio 2.

Hi Jerome!

Navio2 doesn’t support the geotagging feature right out of the box since this task requires a logs post-processing. Navio2 doesn’t support the raw data log recording needed for post-processing.

There are many methods to add the coordinates to the photo. However, if you need precise coordinates, you can use a Reach M+/Reach M2 GNSS receiver connected to the camera via a hot-shoe adapter. During the flight, the Reach M+/Reach M2 records time-marks in the raw data log at the moment each photo is taken. The precise coordinates for each photo can be found in the _events.pos file after the post-processing.

Below I’ve described the possible workflow:

  • power Reach M2/M+ GNSS receiver and connect the GNSS antenna

  • connect the hot-shoe adapter to Reach M2/M+ and to the camera

  • start the log recording in the ReachView app. The logs should be recorded both on base and rover

  • configure a camera trigger on Navio2 and take a flight. There’s a forum thread that might be useful for you: Navio2 Remote Output Trigger

  • process your data in RTKLib to obtain “_event.pos” file. You can follow GPS post-processing guide

  • use 3rd-party software to set a geotags on the photos (for instance, GeoSetter)

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