Geotagging M2p images using OS RINEX data

Is it worthwhile, or even possible, to update geotags on images captured by a Mavic Pro 2 with OS NET RINEX data to improve photo stitching or relative location accuracy of features?

Don’t think you even can do this without having microsecond-correct trigger times.
So if you don’t have some other device on that drone (like an Emlid M2 with a camera trigger capture system), then nope, not possible.

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One issue I see with OS RINEX data is that the observation rate of the public files is 30 seconds, while you would probably need at least 1 second. These RINEX files are more suited for static applications.

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OS advertises on its website that the RINEX data can be used for “the precise positioning of farm machinery, OS Net can be used to improve crop yields. You can plan and manage seed sowing more precisely…” and “OS Net can be used for machine control on construction sites.”

How can this be achieved when the rate is 30 seconds? Is it reliant on having a fixed station that broadcasts the correction to the rover?

Yeah quite weird.

I guess it is, indeed.

But then a correction every 30 seconds is still not good enough!?

Actually for static processes such as determining a base position, it is enough. Over an hour that makes 120 observations data set and most of the post-processing engines are able to output a centimeter-level accuracy from that.

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I checked that the OS NET RINEX currently offers data at a 30-second interval rate. Typically, drones operate at update rates from 1 Hz to 20 Hz, meaning they record 1 to 20 measurements per second. Thus, the 30-second interval rate provided by the OS NET RINEX may not be sufficient, as @wizprod and @Florian mentioned.

You’ll need to find an NTRIP service that offers a higher interval rate suitable for your drone’s update frequency and baseline. Otherwise, only using your own base could resolve it.

Also, how about your drone setup? Since Mavic Pro 2 is not an RTK drone, you will need observation and MRK data from the drone to geotag a photo.

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