Geotagging images in post from data .pos file

I’ve got a mavic I’m getting my photos with and a reach attached to that providing me with the GPS log from my flight. Is there any way I can replace the exif data on the photos taken with the GPS data from my reach. Is there an easier process anyone knows of I should look into? I’m using pix4d and agisoft photoscan if that helps.

How are you reading the shutter actuation of the Mavic into the Reach module? The Reach needs to record the exact timestamp of every image taken. After post processing the corrected location of every image is stored in the *_event.pos file. Pix4D and Photoscan both accept external flight logs so you don’t need to embed the coordinates in the EXIF data.

I haven’t been able to find a way to record the shutter actuation yet, all i’ve been able to do is run the reach as a stand alone unit on my drone to record the gps data of my flight. The exif data has time stamps from my drone, is there any way to use them to get the data i need from the gps log?

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