Geotagging error

Hello Community,

I am having some issues with geotagging. I already read a diff post but couldn;t fix my issue. I also get the message: must contain 0 photos

I am using a LiDAR unit and it also takes pictures. I am trying to tag those photos.

My base is a rs3 that was logging. I take the rinex (24.0) and the nav (24P) frome the base. i can export a rinex file from the lidar unit. I think that file is the issue. What is wrong with the file? No Time Marks? I can export or convert all kind of files, just cant figure out the correct one.

I can also export a .pos file from the lidar software and then the tagging in emlid studio works but the accuracy stays the same. Any ideas?

I included the files in a wetransfer link:

Please let me know what i can do.

Thankyou in advance.

Hi Jack,

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I checked the files that you sent. The observation data from the LiDar unit has a different time-mark format.

I changed the format of the two-time marks and tried to reprocess the data in Emlid Studio:

After that, Emlid Studio asks for two images. It seems that the time mark format is the cause.

As you mentioned, you use a LiDAR unit. Can you modify this part when exporting the file?

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Thankyou, That helped!

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i changed the file but now emlid studio is asking for 227 photo’s but only have 226. Where is that one photo coming from? Did i delete something i shouldn’t?

Thankyou in Advance,