Geotag PPK

Hello everyone.
Is there any way to integrate the time mark coordinates of the .event file directly into the exif of the photos?
Or how to use the file in photo scan or pix4d?
I find nothing about it.
Thank you

There are many ways to do this, depends on what data you have to hand.
If you have a Pix4DCapture log file (XML) they have reasonably precise timings along with image numbers which can be used with the PPK events file to match them up.

In QGIS the plugin nnjoin allows you to join the pix2d file and the event files.

In QGIS you can use the plugin geotag and import photos to extract exif data and spatially merge with the nearest PPK event using nnjoin.

if you want to merge on time then be aware that the exif creation date varies in its meaning dependednt on the camera system.

If you use exiftool you can extract the creation date/time and merge with PPK events in python.

PM me for more info.

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