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Geotag position / coordinates process/pix4d

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Hi guys,

for my flight…
when i take photo it records coordinate of the position when it takes photo…

when i do geotag and process i locate my excel which i have latitude and longitude coordinates to fit with my photos…

if i want to get a coordinate any position from the inside of the photo… can i get this?
then i can reduce GCP by selecting photos from what i have…

also i’m having trouble to process rapid process… it’s failing… it says processing failed and i checked the ray cloud this is what i get. is it because i need to calibrate my camera??? how do i do that???
or is it because photos don’t match with my geotag coordinates???

any comments will be appreciated!

(Michael Lambert) #2

You might try GeoSetter. It uses EXIFTool as it’s geotag reader and you can rewrite geotags as well is you have PPK information.