Geotag position / coordinates process/pix4d

Hi guys,

for my flight…
when i take photo it records coordinate of the position when it takes photo…

when i do geotag and process i locate my excel which i have latitude and longitude coordinates to fit with my photos…

if i want to get a coordinate any position from the inside of the photo… can i get this?
then i can reduce GCP by selecting photos from what i have…

also i’m having trouble to process rapid process… it’s failing… it says processing failed and i checked the ray cloud this is what i get. is it because i need to calibrate my camera??? how do i do that???
or is it because photos don’t match with my geotag coordinates???

any comments will be appreciated!

You might try GeoSetter. It uses EXIFTool as it’s geotag reader and you can rewrite geotags as well is you have PPK information.

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Hi everyone,

It’s been a long since the last comment was posted here, but I couldn’t pass by. Just wanted to say that now you have one more available option for geotagging – Emlid Studio. Here is the guide that can walk you through the whole process.

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