Geotag in Emlid studio

Hello friends.
2 questions about the geotag tool in Emlid Studio
1- Where do you get information about the status of the bird?
Shouldn’t it take the log file from the user?
2. Is it possible to receive files only with geotags included in the software?
Similar to the teo box

Hi @rdezhalon,

Sorry that it’s so quiet in this thread!

Can you please describe a bit more what you mean?

To geotag the photos in Emlid Studio, you need the raw data logs from both receivers: the base and the rover. Time marks for the photos are also needed. They may be in the rover’s log directly or in a separate MRK file. Here are the guides about both integrations:

After post-processing the drone data in Emlid Studio, you’ll get the coordinates of time marks in the _events.pos file. They will be there in chronological order.

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Hello julia
Maybe I couldn’t get my point across.
To geotag the images, we must enter the shift value of the antenna and the sensor.
Where ES should this value be entered?

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Hi @rdezhalon,

Currently, Emlid Studio doesn’t allow adding the antenna offset for photos. But implementing this feature is on our roadmap. And I’ll note your +1 for it.


Hi there - In the interim I would convert the pos to csv and do some math magic and then the next step is dependent on what processing software you are using.

Thank you for @julia.shestakova and @RTK_Hunter,
participating in this Q&A.
I after *event.pos file. To apply the shift value, I use the free software Teo box, and it would be great if ES could also provide this possibility

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Agreed. Pretty basic function that WILL most definitely affect your results in the absence of GCPs.

Hi guys,

Yep, I see your point. That’s great when you tell us about your workflow along with feature requests. It helps us see not only what is needed, but also why it is needed. I’ll pass it to the team. Thanks!

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Hi julia,
The amount of antenna shift to the center of the sensor with 3 x, y, z components
And in the second request, it is possible to output only the coordinates of the images without tagging the images

Hi @rdezhalon,

Got you!

Sure, it is possible. These coordinates are recorded to the _events.pos file in chronological order if the raw data log from your rover contains time marks. Or did you mean something different?

Hello @julia.shestakova
I mean a file for applying the center shift of the sensor and antenna.
_event.po file is before applying the shift.

Hi @rdezhalon,

Oh, I see. You meant that you want to have the option to get the coordinates of the photos with the applied shift in the _events.pos file, right?

Yes, exactly.

Got you. I’ve noted it, thanks!

Make that a +1 from us :slight_smile:

Hi @JoBind,

Sure! Thanks for your note :slight_smile:

Hey guys,

I’ve been thinking about your request and remembered that photogrammetric software usually allows adding the camera offset to the photos. Isn’t it an option for you for now? What software do you use?