Geotag direct

Is there any combination Camera / Flight Controller and Reach that will Geotag the images at shooting time?

Probably I should ask if there is any way the coordinates to be injected in the camera?

Some Nikons accept NMEA position, but there will always be a lag, which is why most people post process then you are interpolating between two actual measured points. In theory you could model your system delays and output a linearly extrapolated forward position based on where you think the camera might be when it is requesting position.

A secondary benefit of post processing is the ability to improve the fix by tweaking elevation masks, etc.

I have just written a lovely piece of Python to inject the PPK positions back into the EXIFs based on the timing info in Pix4D logfiles, not as accurate as pulling the timing marks from the camera (or drone p4), but useful if you forget to switch the timing marks on!


Why not add the positions later?

how to add positions later?
Iā€™m using photoscan for production, I have the time stamps, but I do not know how to put those marks together in the images.
In photoscan I can import the _event file, but it is not working.

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