Geotag cable reach tuffwing

Hi, today I try to use geotag cable from tuffwing. I connected the cable to df13 port beside Intel Edison module. Then the hotshoe cable connected to hotshoe camera. I trig the camera manually until more than 5 times.
In ReachView, I set to single with raw log activated.
After finished capture some image, I donwload the raw data.
Then convert it to rinex.
Then post processed it in single configuration. (I just wanna try, is it work or not)
After finished post processed, I saw the .pos file, there was no timestamp data.
I hope someone can help me, to solve this issue. @igor.vereninov @egor.fedorov @bide @TB_RTK
Thank you.

@dicky you should be able to see in reachview in the camera tab if an event has been triggered at the bottom there is a note of the last camera trigger event. I am using the same cable with a Sony Alpha A6000 and it triggers.
Hope this helps

Hi @Steve_McMurray, thank you for your response. Would you kind make a video tutorial to describe you explanation, please.
Thank you

@dicky have a look at this mate
I don’t have my Reach handy at the moment so can’t take any screenshots.

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I have tried the time mark function in ReachView. Each time the camera triggered, I see the time of the last trigger.
But how to post processed it? Is there any configuration for converting to rinex file, and configuration in rtklib post processing?
Thank you

@dicky time marks will be saved in a log file on your Reach. Then you can download the log files and post-process following our tutorial, list of time marks with their calculated coordinates will be saved in a separate solution file.

Is that automatically saved in other file? In post processing solution file is determined by user, what about other file which consists of time mark and calculated coordinates, how to determine that file? Is there any configuration besides in that post processing link?

The file is generated automatically. It is called the same way as the solution file with appended “events” word in its name.

Thank you, I will try to post processing it soon. But, should I have a base log, or I could use single log from rover for single method, just wanna try my geotag cable, how is it work. so I didn’t use base.

Single log should be fine for testing.

Reviving this little old topic but maybe members owning Tuffwing geotag cable or developers can help me in my problem:
I have Pixhawk 1 board, Reach unit, Tuffwing cable and a Ricoh GR II camera on my quadcopter. When I connect Reach to Pixhawk via DF13 cable (red is 5V, green is Time mark pin and black is GND) to power Reach, I can’t get time marks. But if I power up my Reach via USB with a power bank (red wire disconnected, of course, to not ruin my Reach) Time mark is working.

Is there somebody else experiencing this? Is it a Reach or a cable problem?

Hi Everyone,

I’m having a similar problem with no event logged when the camera is triggered. I am using a Reach RS as the base and a Reach as the rover. They communicate via TCP (the default port 9000). On the status screen of the Reach module I see both grey and orange/green bars and the position is float. The GNSS selection in the RTK settings was GPS+ GLONASS+QZSS at 5Hz based on this recommendation: The camera, a Canon 5D Mark III is connected to the reach via the Tuffwing hotshoe cable : it is connected to the Reach as shown in the diagram. The camera triggers remotely, but no events are logged in the file. Even real time on the Camera page in ReachView no event show up there when the camera is triggered. Is this because in this situation perhaps I didn’t have a good enough view of the satellites? Or am I missing something else in the settings? Thank you.